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EMAIL SERVER UPGRADE :: Summary of Changes Required in Your Email Client

Please see below for the changes required once your email service has been upgraded to the new server. We strongly recommend that you change your existing email profile rather than setup an altogether new profile.

For Outlook, iPhone and Galaxy users, more specific instructions are available at the links further below.

1) Change both incoming and outgoing server to:

2) Email username must be your complete email address - be sure to check both the incoming server username field and the outgoing server username field.

3) Determine if your email program is using POP (POP3), or IMAP and set the port numbers below accordingly. Also enable SSL and StartTLS or TLS as indicated below.

incoming server: enable SSL and set port to 995 for POP or set port to 993 for IMAP
outgoing server: enable StartTLS or TLS and set port to 587

4) If your email password has been changed (for security purposes), make sure to update your email password in both the incoming server password field and the outgoing server password field.

Email Server Upgrade Support Documentation:

Click Here to display instructions for your Outlook using IMAP protocol

Click Here to display instructions for your Outlook using POP protocol

Click Here to display instructions for your iPhone

Click Here to display instructions for your GALAXY phone

Click Here to display a Summary of required changes in your email program

Click Here to go to webmail login page. Use your complete email address and password to login.

Modifying your Settings in Webmail
If you use a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc) to access your email, you may find the following modifications useful.

Inbox view - Thread or List?
By default, the view is set to THREAD. To change it to list view: OPTIONS > Set LIST MODE to LIST from drop-down > Click SAVE

Set Text in Reply Emails Above the Previous Message
Go to > Settings > Composing Messages > Main Options When replying > Start New Message Above the Quote > Click SAVE

Change the layout

Adjust Your Mailbox View Settings
Go to SETTINGS > PREFERENCES > MAILBOX VIEW > from drop down menu choose one of the three options > Click SAVE

For guidance on Managing Your Email Spam Quarantine, please visit:

For the Email Administrator's Guide to Managing Spam Quarantine, please visit:

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